Copyright & Intellectual Property Disclaimer
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Copyright Disclaimer 
Biz Guide Line

* We accept the promotion detail comprising images and narrative from our preferred partners in good faith, we cannot be held responsible if such images and narrative infringe either directly or indirectly on any and all third party intellectual property. When such rights are inadvertently compromised we will however remove them forthwith and advise our preferred partner of that fact.

*Kindly note that the presentation of our network partners on our web sites is subject to our overall terms and conditions and is a consequence of the specific instructions of our partners, which include material and information supplied by them, we also give our partners access to their listing and encourage them to update this if and when appropriate. We accept in good faith that our partners will present their listings in a fair and reasonable manner.

*The Business Network reserves the right to take down the presence of all associated brand presences on the internet should this become necessary to do so, in order to fully comply with any one or more of our electronic special needs. In the event that such an act requires more time than what is reasonable under the circumstances, then the additional time so taken will be added to those clients' contracted time pari passu.

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