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The Business Network has over 40 years of experience in the marketing and financial arenas country wide and as such promote the importance of online marketing as a platform to showcase promotions that have a potential of reaching an abundance of consumers.


Our Mission

Our objective is to fulfill the process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging infomation and offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large.


Our Success and Credibility

What makes us credible and successful is our growing reach. The Business Network presently covers all 9 provinces and our brands get up to 2 million hits on our websites monthly. In addition, we have 2500+ expanding small, medium and large business partnerships, as well as 75 000+ organically growing social media followers (Facebook and Twitter). We can help grow yours too!

Our Offer

The Biz network provides free marketing and advertising for our selected partners, there is however a once off administration fee to facilitate artwork and design needed for the partnership with us (there are no other costs associated besides the once off administration & design fee) should our business Network be something that your business would like to partner with, your business will receive the following:

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  • Professional one-page web visual on the selected platform which is showcased online for brand awareness and growth. Your business page includes branding, contact details, map location, video, social links, picture gallery, email inquiry form, reviews tab and direct link to your website
  • Customer login interface where you can update your profile, events and promotions with us as well as view your detailed statistics report on unique traffic, page views and contact inquiries for your business page, events and current offers which can all be monitored daily
  • Multiple categories & keywords to maximize search criteria and results (must be relevant to your company’s product/service offering)
  • Full use of our promotions & events section on our website as well as our social arms to promote your business
  • featured introductory newsletter insert & Featured introductory banner

    Partnership includes unlimited updates and changes to your business page in order to keep your branding relevant and up to date!

    Added Exposure

    Get maximum value and keep your business in the hearts and minds of our members ongoing by offering a prize, special and/or event for added free exposure through our Giving More brand which is linked to our various social media arms through Facebook and Twitter. Should your prize be significant, it will be branded with our mega wins where your business will get free exposure on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a high profiled home page banner on the relevant brand/website (scrolling competitions banner). Feel free to contact us for more info.

    Our Vision

    With our economy crises World Wide, we as a business understand that we need to put measures in place now to secure a network of sharing and caring to the future sustainability for all. We all need to work together, sharing and caring to growth potentials ahead.

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