Terms & Conditions
Upon acceptance of the offer by the offeree to participate in the promotion, an invoice will be attached to an email which will be sent to the offeree using an email address supplied by the offeree, the amount on the invoice is payable upon successful delivery of the email to the offeree, the offeree is responsible for artwork and content, which the offeror reserves the right to decide on what is or is not appropriate. 

The execution of client media design and presentation on the appropriate web sites will make use of the client material available on the internet and is subject to client approval and third party intellectual property rights, however in the case where the client formally indicates non acceptance of the use of client material available on the internet, then it will be the client’s responsibility to provide appropriate material at the client’s earliest convenience, kindly note that whatever the circumstance and as set out on the invoice no refunds will be given after payment of invoice.

Our development

This offering is underpinned by a loyal network of followers that have been built up over many years and in particular over the last ten years a conscious effort has been made to invest in these followers using target promotions, interesting newsletters and social media.

The technology used by The Business Network has enabled us to cross market these directories of products and services within the network to the delight of our preferred partners.

Google as with other effective search engines, encourages any and all entities either by means of code, funds or a combination thereof to appear in the range of first results on each and every search action. Not every supplier of products and services can be in the range of these first results.

We pride ourselves on being an organically grown company and by means of code only, will we continue to explore all available opportunities to enhance our visibility on search engine results, however looking after our private network is and will always be our top priority.